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Scapes of Cario

Discover our home decor creations that resonate with your unique style. Each piece is designed to elevate your space, telling a story that reflects your taste and personality.

It's not just decor—it's an expression of you.

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Koubaya (Set of 2)
Koubaya (Set of 2) Sale priceLE 425.00
Koubaya Sale priceLE 250.00
Alf Me'zzanah Candleholder (Set of 2)Alf Me'zzanah Candleholder (Set of 2)
Dawayer Brass AppliqueDawayer Brass Applique
Dawayer Brass Applique Sale priceLE 13,000.00
Gheyya Wall Art (Set of 3)Gheyya Wall Art (Set of 3)
Gheyya Wall Art (Set of 3) Sale priceLE 1,500.00
Berwaz Steel Portrait Frame SetBerwaz Steel Portrait Frame Set
Berwaz Steel Portrait Frame Set Sale priceFrom LE 650.00
Double Dayra Brass AppliqueDouble Dayra Brass Applique
Double Dayra Brass Applique Sale priceLE 4,500.00
Ghuroob Brass Table LampGhuroob Brass Table Lamp
Ghuroob Brass Table Lamp Sale priceLE 10,000.00
Hamama Clay Sculpture (Set of 2)Hamama Clay Sculpture (Set of 2)
Khotout Table LampKhotout Table Lamp
Khotout Table Lamp Sale priceLE 6,500.00
Mastaba Corner TableMastaba Corner Table
Mastaba Corner Table Sale priceLE 12,000.00
Nour Glass Table LampNour Glass Table Lamp
Nour Glass Table Lamp Sale priceLE 9,000.00
Qubba CandleholderQubba Candleholder
Qubba Candleholder Sale priceLE 1,200.00
Nahlah Candles SetNahlah Candles Set
Nahlah Candles Set Sale priceLE 300.00
Zuhariya Clay VaseZuhariya Clay Vase
Zuhariya Clay Vase Sale priceLE 1,950.00