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At Maramzy, we believe that every piece we create, every artisan we collaborate with, and every customer we serve has a unique story to tell. We are storytellers at heart, and we are passionate about sharing these narratives with the world. Dive into our stories section to explore the journey of our creations, the craftsmanship of our artisans, and the experiences of our customers.

Om zizi preparing for the Maramzy launch event Continue Reading

Beyond Products: Collaboration with Om Zizi at the 'Grids of Cairo' Launch Event

At Maramzy, our commitment to purposeful living extends beyond products to impactful community collaborations. For our launch event, we proudly par...

Journey to Purpose — How did the deer redefine our 'why'? Continue Reading

Journey to Purpose — How did the deer redefine our 'why'?

Growing up in a multicultural background, Maram has a deep appreciation of the culture around her that comes quite naturally. Spending more time a...

Grids & Silhouettes — Sensible Chaos Continue Reading

Grids & Silhouettes — Sensible Chaos

Our collection is inspired by the unique sense of place found in Old Cairo's bustling alleys, historic structures and rich heritage.