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Journey to Purpose — How did the deer redefine our 'why'?

Journey to Purpose — How did the deer redefine our 'why'?

Author: Sara Ismail

Growing up in a multicultural background, Maram has a deep appreciation of the culture around her that comes quite naturally. Spending more time away from Egypt than she resided in its incoherent chaos, this caused her to have a sense of homesickness, and longing for the city. On her way back to visit her Teta Zeinab, she pondered upon the aeroplane's window a thought that would later shape her entire life: she wanted to become an architect when she was older. Looking at Cairo through that tiny foggy window, this is where she started looking at the city through an entirely different lens. This, later on, would inspire her to show people how she looks at the intricate details of Cairo's many-faceted skylines, buildings and silhouettes.
After many sleepless nights by her desk, she stumbled upon a picture of a deer head online that instantly gravitated towards her. There was a certain energy that attracted her to the deer head, it also being true that she felt she was being unproductive with her hands, any architect's god-given talent. Firstly, the deer was crafted with skewer sticks and a glue gun, as we all know, most projects with prosperity first start small. Quite quickly, she began looking for artisans who could turn the deer head into what she envisioned on a bigger scale, a deer made of steel. 

Being turned down by multiple 'werash', she grew determined to figure out a way to make her dream come true. Exploring the alleyways of downtown Cairo, she finally found someone willing to make it come to life. Along the journey, she made friends and partners, people who will soon become a part of something special, even if they didn’t know it yet. Maram placed her bets on herself and the people around her, cherishing those who would soon make the brand what it is today. The crafting of this deer head was the beginning of MARAMZY, her passion and what drove her to create a sense of uniqueness not found anywhere else, it became not just a part of her, but her identity. Breathing meaning into steel, MARAMZY became what it is today.

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