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Grids & Silhouettes — Sensible Chaos

Grids & Silhouettes — Sensible Chaos

Author: Sara Ismail


The significance of the "Grids of Cairo" collection lies in its status as our inaugural collection, as it plays a crucial role in defining our vision, purpose, the message we aim to convey, and the story we seek to narrate. Inspired by the uniqueness of Cairo’s chaotic grids, the rummaging, noisy and hectic city. When people refer to New York as the city that never sleeps, we find ourselves quite offended. The lively city has many different looks and feels to it, but they all coordinate so well together to bring a beautiful, overlapping, layered mix of silhouettes and contrasts; the urban grid, fabric and skyline. The Grids Of Cairo collection means to show you Cairo through our lens, how we see the details many might find overwhelming as a driving force behind our appreciation of the city’s tales and unique urban fabric and story.  

Here at Maramzy we see Cairo for everything it is, each line, a story, each intersection, a moment being unfolded. 

Encouraging Exploration and Connection: This collection is designed to encourage visitors to explore different facets of Cairo, gaining new perspectives to the city. The product stories provide opportunities for connecting with roots and appreciating cultural heritage. By staying connected to our roots, we can develop a strong sense of identity and purpose, crucial for personal growth and well-being. The home decor collection includes a diverse range of items, from lighting and accessories to frames and the brand's first furniture piece experimentation—the corner table, Mastaba. Each piece is a testament to Maramzy's commitment to conscious consumption, showcasing the beauty of craft-design collaboration.

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