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Om zizi preparing for the Maramzy launch event

Beyond Products: Collaboration with Om Zizi at the 'Grids of Cairo' Launch Event

Author: Maram Nazmy


At Maramzy, our commitment to purposeful living extends beyond products to impactful community collaborations. For our launch event, we proudly partnered with Om Zizi, a talented housewife crafting authentic homemade Egyptian cuisine.

Our guests at the "Grids of Cairo" launch event indulged in the delightful flavours of authentic homemade Egyptian cuisine crafted with love by our talented chef, Om Zizi, based in El Darb El Ahmar. Coming from Sharkia Governorate, she brings to the table a treasure trove of culinary secrets, especially renowned for her mouthwatering "Mahshy."

We felt that as a brand that embraces the culture of our country, it would only make sense for us to stretch this past our products, but also with the many senses human beings feel through, including sound and taste.

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