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Dawayer Brass Applique

Introducing our Dawayer applique, a tribute to the captivating chaos of Cairo's streets. "Dawayer," meaning "circles" in Arabic, beautifully captures the essence of our city. Just like Cairo's buildings stacked and seem overlapping, these circles create a mesmerizing interplay. They symbolize the beauty found in chaos, much like the vibrant heart of Cairo. As you draw closer, hidden lights reveal the city's lively secrets, reminiscent of exploring its enchanting alleys. Contrasting these circles with a Cairo inspired urban leather grid pattern, we invite you to embrace the mesmerizing rhythm of our beloved city's pulse. Illuminate your space with the essence of Cairo's spirited energy.


Sale priceLE 13,000.00

Dawayer Brass Applique
Dawayer Brass Applique Sale priceLE 13,000.00