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Nahlah Candles Set

Meet Nahlah, a set of 6 beeswax candles, where the essence of Cairo's streets is captured in the glow of three unique shades. "Nahlah" means "bee" in Arabic, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of beeswax. Each color, from Bricks to Dust and Cotton, paints a picture of our city's varied soul. Bricks draw inspiration from the city's unfinished structures, while Dust captures the golden hues of sunset traffic. And Cotton? It's the serenity of an Egyptian cotton sheet at day's end.. Illuminate your space with the warm glow of Nahlah and embrace Cairo's multifaceted charm.



Sale priceLE 300.00

Nahlah Candles Set
Nahlah Candles Set Sale priceLE 300.00